Kosmic Cacophony

Don’t Forget


That Mexican Independence was for the criollos (Spaniards born in Mexico) and white Mestizos.

All the revolutionary work by Indigenous, Afro, and Afro-Indigenous folx, was twisted to only benefit those already in power.

The whole “raza cosmica” concept is ridiculous and racist, just rebranded colorblindess.

Mexico will not be independent until there is liberation for its Indigenous and Afro communities. 


Today in Solidarity (9.27.14): The Lost Voices campground since Mike Brown’s murder was ransacked by police… so petty. #staywoke #farfromover

Don’t know who the Lost Voices are yet? They’re the youth brigade on the frontlines of Ferguson, leading the fight for justice for Mike Brown. (Many of those tweets you see on my posts are from LV.) Yesterday, their campsite was raided without notice. These young leaders have been under constant attack from police since protests began, but yesterday was a clear intimidation move. Well guess what— Lost Voices will not be intimidated or stopped.  Please make sure you’re showing them your love and support. Consider donating to their efforts today.